Whitney Houston Death Causes Internal LAPD Lawsuit

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whitney-houston-resized The fallout from the death of Whitney Houston is still happening two years since she passed. One of the responding officers is suing the LAPD for being fired after he reported a colleague for ogling Houston?s lifeless body at the scene.


Sgt. Brian Weir filed a lawsuit against the police department, alleging  his co-worker Sgt. Terry Nutall bent down beside Whitney Houston?s body a few hours after her death in the Beverly Hilton hotel. Weir says when Nutall was kneeling beside Houston, he pulled the sheet back from her body and said, ?Damn, she?s still looking good, huh??


Weir reported the incident and says he suffered the consequences. The sergeant says he was let go from his positions on the SWAT and K-9 units for ratting on his fellow officer. On top of losing his spot on the aforementioned units, he was also denied promotions and benefits.


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Gamer’s are you ready #TitanFall

@MoATList #Ur8Di8


Gamers are you ready set #TitanFall #Ur8Di8 @ItsTimeEnt @MoATList @unsignedr8di8


I am now playing #TitanFall on #Xbox360 so far so good this looks to be the beginning of something big in gaming.  Ok all my gamers #Xbox hit me with your thoughts on the game play so far?  This blog will be updated on the regular as I play #TitanFall.

No more Lakers


Phil Jackson, Knicks finalizing deal
By Chris Broussard, go.com


Phil Jack­son and the New York Knicks are expect­ed to final­ize a deal that will give the leg­endary coach con­trol of the club’s front office by the end of the week, accord­ing to a league source.

“Every­thing is pret­ty much…

Lakers will live to regret this what do you think #LakerNation @MoATList #Ur8Di8 @ItsTimeEnt

Filters off your eyes

Take those filters off your eyes you might be able to handle the truth @MoATList.  The social media is full of so many lies yet it does show the real character of people on how they see thing in general.  There is not a day that goes by when you don’t just shake your head like what is this #@#% thinking you fill in the blank.  The constant posting for attention you will never get anyway.  Lets not forget the reality social updated on how many steps they took to the kitchen to burn up a microwave meal.  I mean like get a life.  The good thing is you can save money from paying Match.com by friend somebody you wanna date to find how crazy they are before lose that money.  I write all this simply because people wear false makeup on their to create a virtual print not to deal with a great reality right in front of them.  Well until next time @MoATList