Filters off your eyes

Take those filters off your eyes you might be able to handle the truth @MoATList.  The social media is full of so many lies yet it does show the real character of people on how they see thing in general.  There is not a day that goes by when you don’t just shake your head like what is this #@#% thinking you fill in the blank.  The constant posting for attention you will never get anyway.  Lets not forget the reality social updated on how many steps they took to the kitchen to burn up a microwave meal.  I mean like get a life.  The good thing is you can save money from paying by friend somebody you wanna date to find how crazy they are before lose that money.  I write all this simply because people wear false makeup on their to create a virtual print not to deal with a great reality right in front of them.  Well until next time @MoATList


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