9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

Why are we living in a world where we don’t wanna know the truth about America? The false sense of security thinking we are better than other countries lock us in fear unable to deal with this apparent inside attack on the people. I don’t know the outcome of this but I do know I choose to live in truth and will not turn my back on him.

Spirit & Truth thank you Jesus

9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out


Moral Compass?

Operating on Fear!!!

I will begin random with this post it touches so many flaws in how society has lost it moral compass. The act that continues to effect us all let me be clear it effects us all daily when fear controls our action and reaction. The world has taken us from God fearing to worldly fearing leaving us asleep in a game world without a conscious. A act of violence is the first reaction surely the number 1# to the unknown or the black figure that will do harm to you whether it be in truth or wrong.

Instead just talking about what can be done share your action on what you are going to do about it?

Jared Allen Sacked Eli Manning (And Will Beatty) With One Hand And It Was Awesome (VIDEO/GIFs)

Jared Allen Sacked Eli Manning (And Will Beatty) With One Hand And It Was Awesome (VIDEO/GIFs)

A lot of talk lately about who will be in the Super Bowl this year.  This past week the NFL was left with one team undefeated (Chiefs). The SEC along with the top ten losses this past week is a reminder to all any given Sunday or game day only one team can win.  The Giants like other teams are struggling early part of the season.  I say do your home work teams that where undefeated early did not make a dent in the playoffs.  The season is a long journey of ups and downs especially this year with the season ending injuries.

What team do you see the healthiest at the year end to make a run for the playoffs?