On the road again


Uniform out ready to put in work #Ur8Di8 #motorcycle #2wheels #Atl free yourself @MoATList

Picture me rolling who ready to rideout!!!


Gamer’s are you ready #TitanFall

@MoATList #Ur8Di8


Gamers are you ready set #TitanFall #Ur8Di8 @ItsTimeEnt @MoATList @unsignedr8di8


I am now playing #TitanFall on #Xbox360 so far so good this looks to be the beginning of something big in gaming.  Ok all my gamers #Xbox hit me with your thoughts on the game play so far?  This blog will be updated on the regular as I play #TitanFall.

No more Lakers


Phil Jackson, Knicks finalizing deal
By Chris Broussard, go.com


Phil Jack­son and the New York Knicks are expect­ed to final­ize a deal that will give the leg­endary coach con­trol of the club’s front office by the end of the week, accord­ing to a league source.

“Every­thing is pret­ty much…

Lakers will live to regret this what do you think #LakerNation @MoATList #Ur8Di8 @ItsTimeEnt

Moral Compass?

Operating on Fear!!!

I will begin random with this post it touches so many flaws in how society has lost it moral compass. The act that continues to effect us all let me be clear it effects us all daily when fear controls our action and reaction. The world has taken us from God fearing to worldly fearing leaving us asleep in a game world without a conscious. A act of violence is the first reaction surely the number 1# to the unknown or the black figure that will do harm to you whether it be in truth or wrong.

Instead just talking about what can be done share your action on what you are going to do about it?